Snapshots: Cheryl Cole covers 'The Times'...

Cheryl Cole has a double cover with The Times magazine which arrives in newsstands tomorrow. The caption has her quoted as saying, "If I could live this life without being famous, I would." I hate when big name celebs make those type of statements. She CHOSE this lifestyle when she actively pursued it. All the media attention and paparazzi are just few of the things that come with being a pop star. She has or HAD the career that many people could only dream of.
Interestingly enough, her spokesperson officially confirmed to The Independent that she has changed her surname to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini following her recent marriage to Jean-Bernard. It doesn't quite have the same commercial ring to it as 'Cole' does, but she's clearly a traditional woman and wanted to take it. I look forward to hearing how her new name is announced during the X Factor intro's!