Snapshots: Epic Records hosts welcoming party for Nicole Scherzinger...

Having inked a deal with RCA for the UK release of her upcoming album, Nicole Scherzinger's Stateside venture now officially lies in the hands of... Epic Records! This week, her label boss and former X Factor co-star LA Reid hosted a welcoming party and she met her new crew. Hmmm... Getting signed SHOULD be good news for any artist, but not as far as Epic goes.
It is such a flop label, and Nicole's Stateside career has been nothing but a flop. She's pretty much jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire! Rest in peace to your career, girl... 

There have been major deficiencies in the way Epic Records have promoted their artists. Projects are often mishandled and delayed. Promotion for a single never gets kick-started until it's too late (normally after the song has stalled on the radio and iTunes). And overall, Epic is just a really shit label. I'm just thinking she signed with them only because no other label would have her.

As much as it pains me (and her) to say it, she is a European act, NOT an international one (as she keeps insisting). She's basically another Rita Ora. During her time at Interscope, two of her albums were shelved and she has struggled immensely to get a hit record. Yes, she's had lots of global success with the Pussycat Dolls, but that success never transferred over to her as a solo artist. Two separate entities.

Stateside audiences just don't care for her as an artist. No matter how good the music is (it isn't), she will not make it and eventually this partnership will be dissolved. Good luck to her though. She has one hell of a challenge proving me wrong and I really hope she does, because her struggle has been all too real.

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