Watch: Beyoncé performs ‘Flawless’ on HBO miniseries...

For week three of HBO's 10-week concert miniseries X10, Beyoncé performed her feminist, Chimamanda-sampling trap anthem '***Flawless' during her 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour. If Bey can wake up like this, then fair play to her. Can't be easy.
Gotdamn, gotdamn, gotdaaaamn! While rocking a bedazzled plaid button-up, a cat-ear baseball cap and leather hot-pants, Beyoncé was really working the stage in front of a hyperventilating crowd. Nobody can deny Bey's power to command a crowd in such an impulsive fashion. The energy levels of the audience and backing dancers was simply that - flawless! Check out her energetic set inside!