Watch: Rihanna snaps at fan...

While making her way through JFK airport, Rihanna was asked for an autograph by a passing fan. The fan caught Rihanna on a bad day because she snapped. “Give me a minute, Jesus Christ!” she is heard saying. 
Her bad mood was further fueled when she discovered her car wasn’t waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. Rihanna's arrival came fresh off of a flight from Detroit, following rehearsals with Eminem for their upcoming 'Monster' tour. After a long flight, sometimes feeling cranky can't be helped. So to some extent, I can sympathize.

However, I think Rihanna needs to invest in better security. If she had Beyoncé's security, and I'm talking someone as scary as stony faced, no-shit having Julius, the fan would not have managed to get so close to Rihanna and then she would not have to worry about looking like a complete and utter bitch to her fans.