Watch: K. Michelle disses Elle Varner...

One thing no one can say about a K. Michelle interview is that she fails to bring in the punches! When she dropped by Ebro In The Morning at Hot 97, she had some not so nice things to say about her former friend Elle Varner. 

K. Michelle accuses Elle of stealing her songs, style and personality. She goes in on Elle for like a good seven minutes and it was very interesting to say the least. K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul: The Musical airs tonight on VH1.

Cliffnotes and video inside!

- K. Michelle played a song for Elle (the label told her it was too big for her, didn't fit her image and that it would need to be worked in every radio format). Then Elle (who complimented the song) turned around and used it ('Cold Case').
- K. Michelle confronted Elle about stealing her song and hilariously impersonates Elle's response.
- When Elle broke up with Iman Shumpert, she was searching for an identity and started to wear wigs and act ratchet.
- At their (management) label MBK, K. Michelle is seen as the bad girl, while Elle is seen as the good little princess.
- K. Michelle had a crush on Meek Mill and Elle went on Twitter commenting about Meek liking her but she swerved him.
- K. Michelle thinks Elle pulled this Meek Mill stunt for attention.

Wow, this chick stays fighting. Can she not go a day without getting into beef with someone? Sounds like some petty high school mess to me, and I refuse to believe all this bitterness is over one damn song. She seems butt hurt that Meek Mill wanted to holler at another chick and NOT her. 

Secondly, the music industry is cutthroat. There is no such thing as friendship in this business. When writing and producing, you do NOT let anyone hear your songs outside of the record label bigwigs. It's a shame she often puts her dirty laundry out there which overshadows the music and artistry. She actually has talent and works hard so why waste it on pettiness?

The Elle rant starts at 8:00: