Rita Ora pushes back new album to January, allegedly because of Calvin Harris...

Yesterday, the Associated Press did an interview with Rita Ora about her upcoming new album during her DKNY fragrance launch in New York (August 19th). When asked when her new music will be out, Rita said we can hear it in January, 2015. 

The album was originally slated for a fourth quarter release. However, her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris took back ALL of the songs he produced for her. Now it is believed she was forced to head back into the studio to record more songs and prompting the delay. When the interviewer asked about Calvin, she blatantly walked away.
I'm not even sure if this is a good move. The album will no longer benefit from 'Black Widow' or that massive VMAs promo, and I certainly can't see her side role in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' encouraging anyone to pick up her album. I just can't see her music ever taking off in the States. There is just no demand for it.