The best VMAs moments in GIFS!

The best part about these major award shows is not what's happening on stage, but what goes on in the audience and backstage. It is always entertaining to see a celeb's reaction towards another celeb's performance. We see first hand all the side-eyes, stank faces and blank stares, and it really did make for some brilliant GIFs! 

The amount of shade that was captured last night really did serve up a treat and no one got ice water dumped on their heads so that was a start. Here, MTV's 'audience cam' was in full effect and here are the highlights!

Nicki Minaj's performance of 'Anaconda' was full of nothing but booty:

Rita Ora had no admiration for it whatsoever:

But fellow fake booty Queen Kim Kardashian was full of lust:

If that performance didn't provide enough momentum, Nicki then ended up almost losing her dress!

 You'd think it was Taylor Swift that won Best Rock Video, not her BFF Lorde:

Shade 101: So, Jennifer Lopez looks like she's having a bonding moment with Miley Cyrus. But watch closely what happens afterwards.

The night truly belonged to Beyoncé though:

(Not a gif but still) A sour-faced Kim Kardashian still feels some way about Beyoncé snubbing her wedding:

But who cares? The one person that mattered most was Blue Ivy and the little madam was jamming out to her mommy's performance. How cayuuute!

Needless to say, it was a good night!