Beyoncé & Jay Z get emotional during 'On The Run' tour finale in Paris...

If this is what divorce looks like, I will take it. Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z wrapped up the FINAL night of their 'On The Run' tour in Paris. The 'Crazy In Love' couple showered each other with nothing but love and affection as their epic tour came to an end.

As for what happens next? Will she go into hiding to keep her baby bump away from prying eyes? Will she be posting pics on Instagram of her flat washboard stomach?

 These next couple of months will be very telling. But this tour, their own individual tours included, has been quite the ride. Congrats to the Carters. Check out all the sentimental action below!

"This place is real special to us. We got engaged here, our baby Blue was conceived..."

"I'm your biggest fan. I love you so much."

"It's been an honor to share a stage with the woman I love..."

Here are some pics from last night. Yes, she's holding a drink, but we don't see her actually drinking it or if it is actually, well, sparkly water. Her stomach is still very flat in the HQ shots below (these were taken from last night). As I say, we will know soon enough if in deed Bey is carrying a little brother or sister for Blue Ivy. As of now, it is still early days, but she's officially on baby watch...