Chris Brown's advice for Ray Rice...

Somebody is growing up. MTV News questioned Chris Brown what advice he would give to Ray Rice or anyone dealing with domestic violence. 

Ray Rice took over headlines this week after a video leaked showing him knocking out cold his now wife Janay Rice. He has been cut by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Chris also suffered penalties when he physically assaulted Rihanna.

He was sentenced to five years of probation, radio stations blacklisted his music and Wrigley's Doublemint suspended his ad campaign. But he was able to come back strong. What advice did Chris have for Ray Rice? Find out below.
“I think it’s all about the choices you make. With me, I deal with a lot of anger issues from my past — not knowing how to express myself verbally and at the same time not knowing how to cope with my emotions and deal with them and understand what they are. I think help is great. I still talk to my therapist twice a week, and it helps me to…if I’m frustrated and I’m dealing with something, to vent and say what I’m going through so I can hear from an actual clinical person, ‘this is how you should react,’ or ‘it’s good to feel this way because feelings, emotions, and energy are supposed to come and go.’ It’s not supposed to stay there, you’re not supposed to keep it inside, because it’ll bottle up and you’ll become a monster. To Ray, or anybody else—because I’m not better than the next man—I can just say I’ve been down that road. I deal with situations and I’ve made my mistakes too, but it’s all about how you push forward and how you control yourself.”
Mature response. Columbus Short should take note. He's another one penalised for physically assaulting his wife via choking (as well as threatening to kill her). He was sacked from 'Scandal', one of America's biggest TV shows. He could learn a thing or two how to address a situation similar to his own plight rather than criticize another man for doing something he too is guilty of.