Keyshia Cole arrested for beating up her alleged new boyfriend's side chick...

Dating a bird will have you acting like one too. Hood chick Keyshia Cole ended up in jail this morning after allegedly issuing a beatdown to a woman who she caught in her rumoured boyfriend Birdman’s Los Angeles condo. 

The Birdman that is the CEO of Cash Money. TMZ reports she found the woman at his home at 5AM and reportedly went crazy, leaving scratches all over the woman's face.

Cops were called, and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant. She was just released on $46,000 bail. I find it more disturbing at the news she's dating Birdman (eeeewwww) than the fact that she did a Faith Evans-style beat-down on Lil Kim with this chick. She certainly knows how to pick 'em.