Beyoncé attends Solange's pre-wedding dinner in New Orleans...

As of writing, 28-year-old Solange Knowles and her longtime boyfriend 51-year-old Alan Fergusson may very well be man and wife already (they say their vows today). 

The couple were preparing to say 'I do' this weekend, as celebrations in New Orleans got under way Friday night. Around 50 of their friends and family, including Beyoncé (pictured below) were treated to dinner and a cinema night.

During their visit to the Indywood Move Theatre, Beyoncé, Solange and co watched the Diana Ross 1975 classic film 'Mahogany', according to the theatre's Facebook page. It was the very movie they saw on their first date, as People reported. Before the film played, the couple screened a very personal documentary that they made of how they met. Gene's Po-Boys also made daiquiris for the guests to sip and other mixed drinks courtesy of bartenders from Oxalis.

Solange looked nice in a stunning white dress which clung to her curvy figure and it looked like she was rocking her real hair (in an afro) which looked healthy. The age gap is massive - 23 years to be exact. He could easily be her dad, but having a dad like Mathew will make any chick want a replacement. 

It seemed like Beyoncé got all the attention during their childhood. They were grooming and propping her up to be a star since she was little. Then Solange was treated like the disappointment in the family with her teen pregnancy, which resulted in her being forced to marry the father at just 17. And now look at Mathew in his 60s having babies all over the place out of wedlock. SMH.

Beyoncé was going to be there no matter what but Jay Z's absence was very noticeable. OK, so it's not the real thing yet but if we find out he was a no-show at the actual wedding, we will know the real deal for sure and the multiple reports and speculation will surely follow.