Beyoncé’s ‘Platinum Edition’ sales projections revealed...

According to early estimates, the Platinum Edition of Beyoncé’s eponymous fifth album will sell 60-65,000 copies. 

With minimal promotion, this is actually considered a respectable figure and it doesn't even end there. That number is also set to receive a boost since Billboard have now added new rules where streaming counts big time!

As a result, with the addition of counted streams, Beyoncé’s overall sales could further be elevated to hit between 80k-90k. Before anyone gloats about Beyoncé outselling Mariah Carey's, J.Lo's, Tinashe's, and Keyshia Cole's first week sales this year with a re-release, her numbers will be boosted by '7/11' sales, and YouTube/spotify streams. The full platinum edition's sales will also be added to the original album's sales. However, the 'More Only' EP won't count towards the original albums sales. Only the platinum edition will be counted with 'Beyoncé.' 

The set features new single '7/11,' which became an instant hit following its viral music video this past weekend. The original album arrived at number one on the Billboard 200 last December and became the fastest-selling album in iTunes history. Beyhive never runs out of bragging privileges huh?