Listen to Omarion's new single ‘Post To Be’ (ft. Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko)...

Omarion drops the full version of his new single 'Post To Be,' featuring Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko.

Jhené, who has a daughter with Omarion's younger brother, shared the same label with Omarion for the majority of their childhoods. Back in the day, they were both TUG artists when Omarion's group B2K used to feature Jhené on many of their records to promote her.

Now that she is more commercially popular than he is (aside his contributions to ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’), it is only right for family to return the favour. That actually makes sense because this is not the type of record Jhené would jump on. I think Tinashe would have served as a better choice. The song samples 'Murder She Wrote,' and sounds like 10 other DJ Mustard joints, but this is actually not that bad. Both CB and Jhené unleash their sexual hormones on the catchy club banger, which is set to appear on Omarion’s upcoming MMG debut in 2015.