Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Solange Knowles for ElevenParis Spring 2015 campaign...

Solange has done quite well building a brand for herself. Of course nowhere near on the level of her sister's, but that's to be expected since she's not the superstar sibling. She's done campaign after campaign, creative directed for Puma and built quite a profile for herself as a vintage fashionista. She certainly won't be losing any sleep over the fact that her dad sold her album for a paltry $1.96 at his recent garage sale.

That is of course, in comparison to the $200 he wanted for a gigantic poster of Beyoncé. Knowles is so broke he is currently shopping a tell-all movie (biopic) based on the lives of ‘Destiny’s Child’ to major film studios hoping to find a home for the project. Pst! These are not her best photos, but I love the natural journey she's been taking with her hairstyles.