Dawn Richard denies having plastic surgery; and my name is Barack Obama...

I don't understand why people blatantly lie about their plastic surgery, when it is written all over their face. If you've had a drastic nose job, obviously we're going to SEE it. Dawn Richard has practically taken that same route as Letoya Luckett and Leona Lewis by claiming they had no work done on their faces. By work, we're talking the obvious nose job. I guess nobody wants to admit to it as it would be like admitting to your insecurities. And if you don't want to admit to it, fine, don't admit to it. Just don't lie about it, when everyone can see what was done.

 Dawn denies going under the knife during yesterday's visit to the Breakfast Club:
“No (to not having plastic surgery), but honestly I have come to the conclusion that people have already decided what they want to say and what they believe. If I say no they’re going to say I’m a liar and if I say yes they’ll be like you're a disgrace. You bleach your skin” - Dawn