Listen to Trey Songz' ‘Slow Motion’ & Dawn Richard's ‘Castles’ (New Music)...

Mr Sex will be singing about worming his way into a woman's panties until he is 90-years-old. I guess this is his thing now. The guitar-fueled 'Slow Motion' actually involves nice smooth production but no word on whether this serves as an unreleased cut off 'Trigga' or off an upcoming project. However, it will certainly come in handy for his appropriately titled 'Between The Sheets' tour with Chris Brown later this month.

Dawn Richard is accepting that some things just weren't meant to be on this progressive, avante garde styled ballad called 'Castles.' The airy cut, penned by Dawn and produced by Swagg R’Celious, was released to celebrate her new album 'Blackheart,' which arrives in stores on January 15th. It's typical Dawn but it's cute, although we've heard songs like this aplenty!