Mýa criticised for dancing at a strip club...

As of now, Mya is catching some serious flack for dancing at a strip club. People see that as a major career decline.
She took to the stage at G5ive last night in Miami for 'Divas Friday,' and fans have voiced their disapproval. They believe she is way too talented to be pop-locking, and ticking at a strip club and feel this is not a good look at all. I don't care what Mya does for a living, good look or not. She is a grown ass woman. She can do whatever she wants. If this is what she needs to do to pay the bills, so be it.

I watched some clips and it's not like she was overly trashy with it. In fact, she's not doing anything Beyoncé didn't do at the Grammys last year. The difference is, she did it at a strip club and not at some prestigious award ceremony or an outdoor concert. So while Mya is making her money in less favourable ways, I will continue to wait for that new album to drop.