Rihanna & Ciara pose it up at 'Fashion Los Angeles Awards'...

I bet ya'll ran in here thinking they were pictured together. Wishful thinking, bitches. Their Twitter squat a few years ago should never have escalated the way it did. So let's talk about the pics. Rihanna supported her matching designer pal Jeremy Scott, who won an award for his work last night. Although Rihanna was serving 70s fashion glam, I was not feeling her look at all. On the other hand, the hair and subtle make-up was on point. Kanye West, who is set to release his Rihanna collaboration any day now, was clearly not here for Katy Perry nattering in his ear.

It's laughable she showed up in pink Adidas flip flops. That chick is so basic, and I still don't get why she was chosen to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. Miley Cyrus, who looked real grubby, didn't even give a sh*t. Now Ciara, she looked lovely. Her bone structure is really amazing and she can rock the hell out of some clothes. Sadly, she clearly isn't rated much because she was nowhere to be seen in front or second row. Maybe at Rihanna's request? Shame, because those chicks would have slayed a photo together. 

Rihanna, pictured with Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and Jeremy Scott:

Ciara pictured with Kanye West, Kerry Washington and Drew Barrymore: