Chris Brown tour date cancelled, due to poor ticket sales...

Someone's ego may have found its way at the bottom of a toilet. Chris Brown is currently encountering poor ticket sales. It is reportedly the reason why he has had to cancel his headlining show at Minneapolis' Target Center arena.
The typical PR ready excuse? "Scheduling conflicts."

Wasn't this show scheduled for today? Why wait until the last minute? Totally unacceptable. The show was originally rescheduled before being canceled, and out of 20,000 seats, he only managed to sell around 3,500 tickets, according to Billboard's sources. This is apparently an issue with most dates on the tour and it is now feared more dates may be cancelled.

Who told Chris that he has the pulling power to fill out a 20,000-seat arena? His records don't do particularly well, his career has taken quite a dive, and most of his diehard fans have either outgrown him or just got sick and tired of his BS antics. He alienated many fans when he called them "ungrateful bitchass n*ggas" when one dared to ask him what he was doing from 2013 till now that he couldn’t complete all 1,000 hours of his community service. 

I don't think Chris did himself any favours by charging his tickets into the hundreds like he is Madonna. Even the nosebleed tickets were extremely pricey. No one is checking for Chris like that. I am even seeing that Trey Songz, who is touring Europe with Nicki Minaj really soon, has ducked out of some shows. So fans that paid to see Trey are angry that they are not getting what they paid for. 

I mean, would you pay hundreds to see Chris... and a support act like Tyga? Not that Trey is a catch himself, because I have seen his poor performances and I would not pay to see him live either. Chris should have just saved himself the embarrassment and stuck to small venues instead. Know your market, because arena's just aint it! We've seen how he has a horrible attitude and disrespects his fans, so perhaps he deserved to be humbled this way.