Gwen Stefani performs medley on ‘The Tonight Show’...

This woman's confidence is admirable. However, it hurts me to say that there's just no spark in Gwen Stefani's fire. Her comeback is not what it's suppose to be, what it should and could have been. Those that enjoyed Gwen's music back in the day are objectively not here for whatever it is she's trying to put out now. It's a shame. A very big shame in fact, because watching Gwen performing a medley of all her classics just serves to remind us that Ms. Stefani was truly the sh*t once upon a time ago.

With assistance from in house band The Roots, a vibrant Gwen performs new single ‘Spark The Fire’ on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', alongside ‘Rich Girl’, ‘What You Waiting For?’, and ‘The Sweet Escape’: