Trey Songz expresses disappointment over Grammy snub...

The last really good album Trey Songz put out was 'Ready' in 2009. Since that one, he's released three more and each one deteriorated in merit, quality and substance. If he genuinely feels he puts out Grammy-worthy albums, he has every right to be upset about constantly getting snubbed. 
Unfortunately, whenever I hear his music, I want to give my ears a good detox. If he wants to be taken seriously as an artist, he needs to evolve and put out music that isn't of the same ol' fluff as the last record. Besides, the appeal of having a Grammy sitting on his mantelpiece should not be what gives an artist the incentive to put out quality music. That should be done because they have a genuine passion for their art. I've said it previously. The Grammys lost their credibility a long time ago. If he knows this, why get himself into a Twitter tizzy over it? As he said himself, as long as his fans appreciates the fluff he puts out, this should be the only reward he needs.