Madonna performs second single 'Ghosttown' on the Jonathan Ross Show...

Madonna’s pre-taped appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show was broadcast last night on ITV. Madonna vogued it up during a live remix rendition of 'Living For Love' and she also performed 'Ghosttown,' which is officially confirmed as the next single from new album 'Rebel Heart.'  
The interview portion saw the singer opening up about her live Brit Awards 'horror' fall, which gave her whiplash afterwards. Madonna interviews don't translate so well in print and that tends to make her come across as really unlikable. This one on the other hand, was different. It really brought out her down to earth and fun side.

Tickets for her 'Rebel Heart' tour are now on sale but if Stateside fans don't get paid til the end of the month and would like to go, it shouldn't be a problem for them. Tickets are not selling as rapidly as they did for her 'MDNA' tour in 2012. Thousands of unsold seats remain in the eight North American cities that began selling them on March 9th. On a more positive note, her European dates are selling (out) a lot better and additional shows have already been added. The tour wraps in February, 2016.