Beyoncé flashes gold Apple watch that has yet to go on sale...

Exclusive product placement...
Taking to Instagram, Beyoncé shared photos of herself at Coachella rocking an exclusive Apple watch with gold link bracelet. 

The watch, which has not been made available to the public yet, comes in three varieties. Prices range from $549 to $1,099. 

However, the Watch Sport series ranges from $349 to $399, and the premium Edition starts at an eye watering $10,000 to $17,000.
Users are able to check email, listen to music and make phone calls when linked with an iPhone. 

Luckily for Beyoncé, she didn't have to pay for hers. 

Apple exclusively gave it to her, and even paid her to make sure it is seen. Apple have also sent various editions of these watches to several top celebrities to promote including Drake, Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry, all seen wearing one. 

Other celebrities have also been seen sharing their high-tech watches on the social media platform. Must be nice to be rich and popular when you are given expensive things for free in exchange of social media promotion.