Beyoncé & Jay Z might be releasing their joint album on Tidal...

Still trying to make Tidal happen... 
Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal has been receiving some really bad press. 

It's no wonder the rapper is picking the crumbs out of his ass to try and salvage the damage.

According to DJ Skee, the mogul and his wife Beyoncé are preparing to release their joint album exclusively via Tidal, which is said to be nearing completion. Not a very good move I'm sorry to say. In fact, it is most guaranteed to backfire if true.

I understand that he wants his investment to be a success but all this just seems forced and a way to manipulate fans. When Beyoncé is ready to release an album that she recorded with no underlying motive and one that is accessible to all her fans and casual music listeners, then I could say I would be on board for it.