Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Snapshots: Leona Lewis performs new music at album showcase in London...

Debuted five new songs off upcoming project...
Leona Lewis always had a voice. However, when it came to recording the music she wanted to do, that big voice of hers was pretty much droned out at the hands of Simon Cowell and his Syco cronies. Leona was chuffed to perform the songs she had a sole hand in last night at her new album showcase in London.

Five new songs were performed and they consisted of 'I Am,' 'I Got You,' 'Ladders,' 'Thank You,' and confirmed lead single 'Fire Under My Feet.' Leona performed her new music to select number of fans, press and a couple of industry bigwigs. Her music, which has drawn comparisons to Adele and Emeli Sande, has been getting a lot of positive reviews from those that attended her set. It will be interesting to hear Cowell's take on her new music when it finally gets released, since he allowed his most talented (and second most successful) X Factor prodigy to slip away.

Photos: Digital Spy