Beyoncé signs three new artists to her label...

Beyoncé has signed three aspiring singers to her Parkwood Entertainment label.

The teen crooners are LA-based sisters Chloe Bailey, 17, and Halle Bailey, 15 and New York-based Sophie Beem, 14.

The singer is asking a Manhattan judge to approve the five-year deals over contracts totaling $1.5 million. This serves as a requirement because the girls are minors. Interesting news in deed.

Meet Sophie:
Sophie, who placed within the top 40 contestants on 2012's ‘The X Factor USA,’ inked a $560,000 deal after she wowed Parkwood execs. 

Meet sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey:
In 2013, the sister's cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ went viral, after amassing 10 million views on YouTube. This captured the attention of Beyoncé’s manager. The sister's $1 million deal provides for up to six albums over five years, awarding Beyoncé 15% of their gross earnings.

I'm not surprised she has gone this route. I always saw Bey becoming a mentor to a newer generation of young singers after retiring from the music scene altogether. I think that point is nearing. It's likely we will get one more album from her, but lack of promo and performances for that last album shows she is above being the hype machine she once was. Eighteen years in the game and she has reached that peak in her career. She was of similar age as her newest signees when she signed with Columbia and released her first Destiny's Child album at 16. She has lived and breathed the life and success of a full fledged pop star. I think these girls are in great hands and are very lucky to be taken under the wing of one of today's biggest superstars.