Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Leona Lewis announces ‘I Am’ album release date...

Due late summer...
As well as finalising the tracklist, and working on a deluxe edition, Leona Lewis confirms September 11th for the release of her new album 'I Am.' 

That means fans will get at least one more single before the album drops. This is good, because it leaves time for her latest song to enjoy some momentum. After just 8 days, the music video for 'Fire Under My Feet' has passed 1 million views, which is progress for Leona.

Past singles have taken considerately longer to get there, but already this song is showing a stronger stance. The song goes to iTunes on June 7th. She will also be doing a radio tour to promote the song and is preparing to send a dance remix to US dance stations next week. You can hear the Benny Benassi remix here too, but you have to register. Sorry!