Mariah Carey performs on Kelly & Michael Disneyland...

Continues to flourish...
Must suck when your label boss unwittingly implies your music is destined to fail, but Mariah Carey is rising above it. 

She gets more confident with every performance and though it's not perfect, she's progressing. It would be nice if she performed other songs off the album though because 'Vision of Love' is not a favourite of mine, and I don't care for 'Infinity' at all.

In related news, her well-recieved Las Vegas residency has been extended to 2016. Guess there's light at the end of the tunnel after all.

‘Mariah #1 To Infinity’ is projected to sell just 16,000 copies. No biggie given that it's a compilation with just one new tune and most of her fans have her number one hits anyway.