New commercials: Diddy & Cassie for ‘3 AM’ fragrance + Kelly Rowland & Titan for 'Dreft'...

Today, Diddy launches his new fragrance '3 AM' by Sean John.

In case you missed it, he debuted a NSFW commercial which features his stunning girlfriend Cassie.  

The couple go back and forth between fighting and making love, which is probably what their real-life relationship looks like.

Check it out.

When music career comes to a standstill, strip off and bare all in a commercial. I wonder what she will do if they ever split up. No matter how tight the hold, Karrueche had to let go of her meal ticket eventually, but at least she's out there trying... making things happen for herself. Anyway, Style magazine has unveiled the explicit uncut version before it went through the censored filters (at the request of Macy's).

And if that was too hot for you, here's something more family orientated. To promote her new partnership with fabric care company Dreft, Kelly Rowland stars in a commercial featuring her adorable six-month-old son Titan. The commercial shows Kelly basking in the glory of motherhood while enjoying playtime with her giggling child. So cute!