Rihanna's new album MAY get a Tidal exclusive after all...

According to Hits Daily Double, Rihanna's forthcoming new album could be released as a Hifi Tidal exclusive. A well cited rumour.

But let's say this were true, Tidal would destroy Rihanna's new album. Ciara's album 'Jackie' would actually be more successful.

It also gives fans the incentive to search for a free illegal download just to avoid having to sign up with Tidal.

Rihanna's song 'American Oxygen' flopped simply because she made it a Tidal exclusive, so would she truly play 'Russian Roulette' with an ENTIRE ALBUM? 

Clearly, Tidal is just looking for ways to survive and stay afloat because they're struggling and need something substantial to happen... like using Rihanna's album as a scapegoat. This would be career suicide.

Don't do it Riri!