Kelly Rowland tributes iconic women in new photoshoot...

Kelly Rowland's brand new photoshoot with Mane Addicts and hairstylist to the stars Kim Kimble pays tribute to four iconic women.

Kelly channels singers Diana Ross and Sade; as well as models Bianca Jagger and Farida Khelfa Goude. All of these women dominated the late 70s/early 80s fashion scene with their edgy looks and larger than life hairstyles. In my opinion, Kelly should have stretched this tribute to Donna Summer as well.

That would be like Beyoncé tributing Etta James, Josephine Baker, Shirley Bassy and Janet Jackson but skipping Tina Turner altogether. I think Kelly is the spitting image of Donna and they have other similarities about them that go far beyond their looks. Having said that, this was a nice looking photoshoot.