Monday, 15 June 2015

New Music: Leona Lewis - 'Essence of Me'...

Feeling triumphant...
Leona Lewis has a new power ballad on her new album called 'Essence of Me.' The song is packed with deep, uplifting lyrics and crashing drums.

She sings about picking herself back up after being knocked back several times by the oppressor. Once again, we can attribute those lyrics to the big bad wolf that's Syco or perhaps even an ex-boyfriend? It really cuts deep, and Leona is being very vocal about her past affairs. It could very well be Simon Cowell's favourite song on the album.

It's done in a classy, yet powerful way of course and I'm looking forward to hearing whatever else she has to say in regards to taking control of her artistic journey. Leona's new album 'I Am' drops in stores on September 11th via Island/Def Jam.