Rita Ora officially joins UK's ‘X Factor’...

Money talks...
Rita Ora officially replaces Mel B as an X Factor judge, while BBC DJ Nick Grimshaw replaces long-serving judge Louis Walsh.

Rita also quits her coaching role on BBC's The Voice for a reported £1.5 million cheque. This was after Simon Cowell tried to hire her full time last year despite her guest judge appearance previously. Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez Versini also return as judges. So this is the official line-up. Hilariously, a press release from ITV reads:

"With Cheryl and Rita judging we have two of the UK’s most successful female recording artists on board." Source.

Perhaps Adele and many others would beg to differ. Having multiple number one songs does not make you one of the most successful female recording artists especially when your album sales tell a different story. I would rather have seen Mel B make a return because she was the only judge that took it seriously. Rita was brought in to attract a younger audience and she proved herself quite the ratings draw on The Voice, so I could understand why she was poached.

Nick Grimshaw is the most random selection if ever I've seen one. He has not contributed anything major to the music industry. He has never managed any singers, and he is not an artist, so other than pushing some buttons on a radio show, what credible advice could he possibly offer to an aspiring singer? This line-up is make or break for the show, which has encountered many a slow death over the years. Like American Idol, it's time to put it out of its misery.