Spotted: Nicole Scherzinger at Cecconi's restaurant in Beverly Hills, California...

It pains me to think that a beautiful woman like Nicole Scherzinger wasted eight years of her life on a man that would eventually trade her in for a couple of 20-year-old models.

Sure, she was obviously holding out on marriage and beautiful brown-skinned babies, but Lewis Hamilton wasn't about that life.

He clearly wanted to enjoy the playboy lifestyle a tad bit longer.

The moment it became evident he wasn't going to commit is when she should have got out and found somebody else, not play frisbee with him for so long.

I bet she regrets it now. I know I would.

These new pics don't do her much justice at all. She's either had work done on her face or the make-up, which makes her look aged is not very flattering. Therefore, it's not like she's showing Lewis the hotness he bailed out on for young girls that have barely left their teens. 

In no way is 37 old despite her music career suffering for that reason. Well, sucky music being the culprit too, as well as low sales and lack of public interest, hence her recent dropping from the label.

As I say, she could have had any man she wanted, including an older billionaire business type who would have treated her accordingly.