Ashanti caught in a lie over cancelled gig...

Over the weekend, Ashanti was scheduled to perform at Club Mixx in New York City.

At the last minute, she pulled out telling fans in a (now deleted) Instagram post that the venue had been shut down by police.

Apparently, she was too embarrassed to admit the real reason for being a total no show that night. The real reason?

No one showed up!

The 10 people that showed up swore there was no police in sight when they waited on her arrival. The club itself also confirmed cancellation was because promoters pulled the plug due to a sparse turn-out, and when folks roasted her about it on her post, she later hit the 'delete' button.

Damn, this is some Keri Hilson-type shit, lol. The only difference is... Keri would have performed to an empty club if she could get away with it. Can you blame Ashanti though? Not having any fans show up at your gig is a hard pill to swallow when you use to be an equal rival for Beyoncé back in the day. If I had to save face, my ass would lie too!

Ashanti's announcement:

Club Mixx confirms real reason behind cancellation:

Angry concertgoers flock to Ashanti's now deleted Instagram post to call her out: