Video premiere: Natalie La Rose feat. Fetty Wap – ‘Around The World’...

This girl is insanely beautiful. I can't gel with her music at all, but no one can deny this video was visually stunning. In the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip, Natalie La Rose plays a waitress and dreams of adventurous globe trotting.
It scares me how much Natalie resembles Aaliyah in this video. Her dancing is so on point, and Casper Smart did well with the choreo. She absolutely killed it! With 'Somebody' being a massive hit, her video budget clearly recieved a raise. I don't care for the song that much, as it's generic as hell but still catchy. I need to see her performing on all the big award shows. She could be the new era Britney if she plays her cards right!