Rihanna is still holding writing camps for her new album...

I don't know what's more worrying about R8 era. The fact that we're pretty much in September and Rihanna is still holding writing camps for her new album or the fact that there has been no mention of a new single coming soon. 
Photo: Rihanna in the studio last week with producer London On Da Track.

She released three singles earlier this year, so fans thought that Rihanna's album was as good as ready. Nope. None of us wanted to believe it but this kind of validates reports that she scrapped a shitload of new material just to re-record the new album entirely! Rihanna is getting nervous. 'Bitch Better Have My Money' flopped, and she doesn't want to put out an album without obtaining a sizable hit. Something about this scenario doesn't look very promising. At least we get to enjoy another batch of fragrances and more from her Puma line while we wait patiently.