Anticipating a new Destiny's Child album & tour?

Well don't. Because Mathew Knowles has been singing the same fairytale of an official Destiny's Child reunion for how many years now? Yeah, exactly. 
Knowles, who is still contractually Destiny's Child's manager says he is extremely hopeful that the girls will come back with an album and tour. Other related projects include a Destiny's Child autobiography and a tell-all movie or TV series. He's hopeful that all this will come to fruition within the next 2-3 years. 

Is this man delusional, or is he just... DELUSIONAL? Beyoncé is not interested in an official DC reunion. It would be a step back for her given the magnitude of her brand and highly successful solo career. Why do you think Posh Spice is so desperate to shun a Spice Girls reunion?

The girls already fulfilled their contractual obligation to Columbia when they dropped their 'Love Songs' compilation in 2013, and that was the end of it. If they wanted to release a real album, they would have done so, as opposed to putting out a quickie selection of old songs. Sure, they will pop up on each other's projects from time to time but that's as close to a reunion as we're going to get. Mathew is not making this happen unless he has full backing from the girls themselves, and it's not happening. Ever. Perhaps in the next 15-20 years or so but now? Eh-uh. If Knowles is still struggling with his child support payments, he is going to have to kick a horse that isn't dead.