Chris Brown + Usher hit the stage again in Alabama...

Last night, Chris Brown brought out Usher during his 'One Hell Of A Nite' tour in Birmingham, Alabama. They performed their latest collaboration 'New Flame,' much to the delight of screaming fans. 
Are we going to just forget that Usher was suppose to drop his new album 'UR' a year ago, and decided to just... go into complete and utter silence mode? Perhaps he was waiting for that embarrassing Cheerios commercial fiasco to die down in the same way Mary J. Blige did with Burger King's controversial 'Crispy Chicken.' So he goes on his European tour in March (I was there), and then forgets that the tour he just wrapped up was suppose to be in support of his new album? Is his album still even coming out this year? Because it doesn't seem like so. I think Usher is not caring about that right now. He has been very busy preparing for his wedding to Grace, which is very near. It's just that some news regarding his album would have been nice.