Christina Aguilera’s manager says she hasn’t peaked yet like Britney...

During a podcast with Pauly Shore this weekend, Christina Aguilera’s manager Irving Azoff says she won’t consider a Vegas residency because unlike Britney Spears she hasn’t peaked yet.
Apparently, Aggy isn’t ready to “sit down in Vegas,” because she’s returning to The Voice, releasing a new album soon, making a second cameo appearance on Nashville, and plans to tour the world. I admire anyone that vouches hard for their client this way but it sounds like Mr. Azoff is fifty shades of delusional. 

There is no way Christina is still in the prime of her career. Her peak was when she released 'Stripped' thirteen years ago and since then she has struggled to match or surpass the success of it. 'Back To Basics' did well but all her albums after that have encountered serious floppage.

Maybe he could have worded things a bit better, such as his belief that a residency would be far too premature at this point in her career. I would see his point considering she is still in her 30s with her powerhouse vocals in tact. Never write off a pop rival/fellow Mickey Mouseketeer as simply a hasbeen. The Voice won't be around forever and when the cheques dry up, begging for that Vegas deal will seem like the most plausible thing to do. 

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