Full concert: Rihanna headlines 'Rock In Rio' 2015...

A packed atmosphere of 87,000 fans watched Rihanna bring the house down at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. For the event’s sixth night, she performed songs spanning a decade long career.
What made Rihanna's set so great? Well, she has hits for days and her stage swag was infectious. When you have such a colourful catalogue like Rihanna's it's so easy to rock out and get lost in the moment. 

Ri's live vocals were strong and her yellow outfit was giving pure 90s teas. It was very TLC meets Aaliyah. She looked beautiful and the new remixes were fire (especially 'S&M'). The crowd's energy and participation was on point, and they knew the words to every song. Check out her entire  'Rock In Rio' set inside.


Just in case this video gets removed, Tidal has her entire set on their site, which you can watch for free.