Janet Jackson's 'Unbreakable' album cover + tracklist (Target edition)....

Top retailer Target has confirmed that they will release an exclusive edition version of Janet Jackson's new album 'Unbreakable.' The repackaged set comes complete with an alternate cover and two additional bonus tracks not included on the standard version (due October 2nd.)
The unprecedented  demand for the legendary performer is so high, that she has added a third North American leg to her  'Unbreakable' world tour (full details here.) Janet's tour doesn't have billion-dollar production like Madonna's, but her performance skills is what keeps fans rushing back for more. Give me that any day of the week!

‘Unbreakable’ tracklist (Target edition)
1. Unbreakable
2. BURNITUP! (f/ Missy Elliott)
3. Dammn Baby
4. The Great Forever
5. Shoulda Known Better
6. After You Fall
7. Broken Hearts Heal
8. Night
9. No Sleeep (f/ J Cole)
10. Dream Maker / Euphoria
11. 2 B Loved
12. Take Me Away
13. Promise
14. Lessons Learned
15. Black Eagle
16. Well Traveled
17. Gon B Alright
[Target Exclusives]
18. Promise of You
19. Love U 4 Life