Producer threatens to sue Janet Jackson for lying about song...

About two weeks ago, producer Seven Aurelius uploaded 'S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S' to his SoundCloud account, which made its rounds on a couple of blogs. 
This was an unmastered track he produced with Janet Jackson 12 years ago. 

His rep, Melanie A. Bonvicino says that after the producer distributed it as “an exclusive gift for Janet fans,” his SoundCloud and YouTube accounts were “unceremoniously deleted without notice.” 

He believes Janet and her team were behind it.
A SoundCloud rep said: “If we’re told that any content has been posted without permission, we need to remove that content in accordance with applicable law.” Now Aurelius is threatening to sue Janet and her management after she reportedly denied ever working with him and claiming the collaboration to be a hoax.

I don't know if anyone heard the track but that was undoubtedly Janet's vocals on the song. It would be silly of her to try and deny it. I can see why she would want to erase all traces of the song. Janet's comeback has been focused on a high level of wholesomeness to not just her image, but music too. She has ditched her sex kitten act in compliance with allegedly converting to Islam. And she clearly didn't want this "new" sex soaked song floating around when it could easily have been mistaken for something she recorded recently.