Tamar Braxton's album sales predictions...

Tamar Braxton's new album ‘Calling All Lovers’ is projected to sell 35-40K (without streaming), and 39-44K (with streaming).
In comparison to what she sold with 'Love & War,' these are dismal numbers for Tamar. I thought her sales would be neck in neck with Janet's like what happened when she was up against Ariana Grande.

Promo wise, Tamar had a larger advantage having done several TV performances, getting involved with 'Dancing with the Stars' and being a co-host on The Real. The poor performance of Tamar's album can be attributed to none of the singles standing out or being worthy enough to be released as singles. You meaning to tell me her husband Vince couldn't pay his client Lady Gaga to do a Twitter plug like what he most likely did the last time? I'm sure it would have done some wonders.