Video Premiere: Ariana Grande – ‘Focus’...

Sax-loving Ariana Grande debuted her new single 'Focus' today and it's as fun and catchy as it gets. 
The new cut deploys a retro funk vibe, mixed in with some soul-pop, an infectious melody and a driving saxophone. 

A backing voice, clearly inspired by James Brown can be heard shouting "Focus on me!" And I have to admit that despite sounding like a leftover cut from Christina Aguilera’s 'Back To Basics' era, this new bop is in deed a pretty cute song. 

The cut was written by Ariana, Ilya, Peter Svensson & Savan Kotecha, and serves as the first single from her upcoming third studio album 'Moonlight.' The music video is very  choreography-driven and it's big budgets all around (sans for that cheap looking wig). Seems like Rihanna isn't the only one benefiting from that Samsung sponsorship.