Britney shows she isn't bitter at Adele for snatching her first week sales record...

Britney posts a clip of herself pirouetting to Adele’s 'Hello,' following Adele's compliment of: “Britney is the Queen. I love her.” 
Didn't she make a mirror statement about... never mind. I'm being messy. Adele beat Britney's first week sales record. This record was achieved with Britney's sophomore album 'Oops... I Did It Again,' which she held for 15 years up until now. Being the pure-hearted spirit that she truly is, Britney may not be bitter about losing her first week sales record, but I will be bitter for her. Adele's album is very overrated and I didn't find it groundbreaking. When it comes to my musical rotation, I don't think it will encounter as many spins as that 'Oops' album. 

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