Jade from Little Mix hits back at "arsehole" music snobs...

Music snobs express their disdain towards "manufactured" pop group Little Mix performing on TFI Fridays. However, Jade wasn't taking it lying down.
They berate Little Mix for their lack of artistic integrity in pop music, and accuse them of not writing their own songs or knowing how to play an instrument. Their comments are really harsh and prejudice. Some of today's most talented people come from The X Factor. Leona Lewis being one (as well as Kelly Clarkson from American Idol.) I think Little Mix are a very talented bunch, and if they could have bagged a record deal "the old fashioned way," they would have done. But sometimes it's much more difficult in this day and age, and if X Factor provides the resources needed to gain mass recognition, I would encourage anyone with singing talent to go for it.  

Jade responds: