Now that's a musical flop waiting to happen, Rihanna...

Blah blah blah. Hits Daily Double are now reporting that their sources claim Rihanna's new album 'ANTi' will make its debut on Jay Z’s Tidal service on November 27th. 
It will reportedly receive a worldwide digital and retail release the following week on December 4th. By then, this gives *casual listeners* (key word) enough time to illegally download, evaluate and not give them much motivation to purchase it legitimately. 

This means she would go head to head with Coldplay. SMH. She is a fool if she is willing to debut her album on Tidal.

Why is she allowing Jay Z and executive producer Kanye West to ruin her like this? We all know how that worked out with 'American Oxygen.' Hopefully, this is just a misplaced rumour hacked up from HDD and their multiple (1, 2, 3) speculations regarding this project.