Rihanna predicted to see lower album sales if 'ANTi' gets exclusive TIDAL debut...

Industry insiders claim Rihanna will see lower sales if she drops her new album 'ANTi' exclusively on TIDAL before its world wide release.
It is highly rumoured that Rihanna will surprise-release her upcoming album 'ANTi' tomorrow exclusively on Jay Z’s streaming service 'TIDAL' (either that, or she will use the platform to debut her new single which would still be a massive mistake). According to Billboard, this screams flop. They report that numbers over the past eight months show Tidal exclusives tend to put up much smaller numbers than competitors like Spotify and YouTube. 

We all know the deal with her single 'American Oxygen' earlier this year. It had a one-week exclusive on Tidal before being serviced to other streaming outlets: "In its first week, the song received 142,000 U.S. streams from Tidal, dropping to 71,000 in week two, according to Nielsen Music. In that second week, streams from Spotify and YouTube counted more than one million apiece, with 79,000 coming from other services in the U.S. That gave Spotify and YouTube a 96.7 percent share of total streams over the period."

Well, duh.

 Spotify and YouTube are monumental streaming services for music and Rihanna snubbing them out for an entire week will greatly affect where her album is positioned on the Billboard 200. Giiiirl, don't do it!