Ashanti makes major announcement on 'Hollywood Today Live'...

Ashanti is making BOSS moves! She announces she will be executive producing a film starring Sharon Stone, Courtney Cox, Susan Sarandon and Christina Ricci!
The A-lister film will be called 'Mother's Day,' and she is working with some of the most world renowned actresses in Hollywood. That's big! Ashanti's music career may not be popping anymore, but she stays paaaaid! She knows the money is no longer in her music career, and has taken to expanding her brand through film and television. 

No one can blame her for that. It's pretty clear she only does music now because she enjoys doing it, and not because she sees it as a career aspiration like she did in her early days. In the interview, which took place earlier today, she says she's excited about her new album, but then they cut off the interview. She also discusses her new ‘Drink Up’ campaign with Michelle Obama. Watch as she promotes her latest projects and more below.